Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Larder at Burton Way

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have done it again.
The Larder at Burton Way is a delightful cafe that features
a tempting assortment of savory and sweets.
It is located in Caruso Affiliates new luxury building - 8500 Burton Way. There is also a brand new Trader Joe's next door.
The menu consists of fresh salads, burgers, interesting sides and a wonderful selection of cheese and charcuterie. 
Sandwiches are on the freshest bread you will find anyplace.
You can create your own or choose from the tempting combinations of their signature sandwiches.
Their herb roasted chicken is delicious.
Word has it that an offshoot is opening at LAX very soon.
Pryor Events are fans of The Larder at Burton Way

The appetizing interior of The Larder at Burton Way
                              The day's selection of fresh bread and sweets

One of the best Charcuterie plates in town

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Comfort Food at its Best

A winning combination at 25 Degrees

Tomato  Soup and a perfectly melted grilled cheese sandwich is probably the ultimate in comfort food. This one is from 25 Degrees at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They are known for their burgers which are fantastic, but also have healthy alternatives such as a flavorful and delicious kale salad. In a town where many restaurants close on the early side, this eatery is open 24 hours. The name 25 degrees comes from the fact that the difference in temperature between a medium rare and a medium burger is 25 degrees.
Pryor Events are fans of 25 Degrees.
The interior of the friendly and fun 25 Degrees.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Short Cake - Farmers Market

Short Cake at The Original Farmers Market is one of those rare finds where everything you order tastes as if it was created specifically for your individual taste. Short Cake features delectable savory and sweet items that combine the perfect ingredients. From their individual pies overflowing with the freshest fruit, to buttermilk scones to open sandwiches and creative salads - each item is wonderful.
This appetizing eatery is a collaboration of Nancy Silverton, Hourie Sahakian and Amy Pressman. Each has been cooking and intrigued by food almost since they were walking and talking.
You can almost taste the care and years of perfecting with each bite you take .
Pryor Events  are fans of Short Cake.
                                          The tempting array of savory and sweets at Short Cake.