Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Floral Chandelier - from BHLDN

I love the feel of this cascading floral chandelier from BHLDN.
It has a modern, sophisticated feel but it could just as easily be vintage. You can use it for an event or hang it at home. Change the entire look of your decor by changing the flowers. It is even pretty without flowers. BHLDN has a wonderful selection of dresses, shoes, jewelry and even stationery. BHLDN began as a site for wedding fashion but has evolved into a great resource for everyday clothes and fantastic finds for the home.  It is an offshoot of Anthropologie so of course it's a wonderful site. are fans of

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Farmshop at The Brentwood Country Mart is the kind of restaurant you would visit while on vacation and wish it was in your own neighborhood. It is comfrotable and inviting. The food is consistently good.
Every course tastes as if great care went into it but it is still simple and uncomplicated. I always appreciate the flavor and freshness of the ingredients. It is the food you would cook for yourself - if you could. Jeff Cerciello is the chef owner. Formerly the culinary director for Thomas Keller's Bouchon and Ad Hoc, Jeff knows how to run a restaurant.

A welcome addition to Farmshop is their new Artisan Market.
Jeff opened Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena and the Market at Farmshop has a similar feel. It is an inviting, open space filled with gourmet delights. From a bakery to a butcher to an impressive charcuterie. You will enjoy shopping here.
Pryor Events are fans of Farmshop.

The gourmet selection includes items that you will not find anyplace else

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Practical Wedding Tips

Practical tips that will help you enjoy your day...

*If you are getting married at a private residence,
notify neighbors you are having a wedding. Even send little gifts or invite
them to stop by for a drink. If one of your neighbors enjoys complaining, consider sending him to a local hotel for the evening.There's nothing worse than having the police
show up to shut down your party.

*Make sure you have sufficient power. Surprisingly coffee makers use a lot of
power. You don't want the lights and music to suddenly go off.

When in doubt lease a generator.

*Ask your coordinator to set at least two extra place settings.
If you made a mistake on your guest seating you'll be covered. You don't want guests standing by the table waiting for their chairs and place settings to be brought out.

*Make sure to bring a second pair of shoes, a sewing kit, plenty of safety pins, clear
nail polish, deodorant, aspirin and breath mints.

*Tell your band or d.j. if you don't want them to take requests. Also let
them know if it's not okay to give the mike to guests for unplanned
speeches. It's shocking what some people say after too many drinks.

*Always have a back up tent or a room on hold for an outdoor wedding in case
it rains.

*Don't gain or lose too much weight before your wedding and don't try to get
a sun tan or schedule a facial the day before..

*Be sure to schedule a trial hair and make up appointment at least a couple
months before the big day. This will allow time for any changes and if you
are not happy with the stylist, time to find a new one.

*Notify the catering manager if you are aware of any particular food
allergies guests may have.

*Make sure your wedding cake is not placed in a sunny spot or even in a
window where it can potentially melt.

*For outdoor celebrations you can never have too many heaters. Make sure your
rental company wraps them so you don't see unattractive metal posts.

*Don't drink too much the night before your wedding.