Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Easy Being Green

During the fifteen years I have been planning weddings and parties I have seen many changes but the biggest change in recent years is GREEN weddings and events.

Green weddings and parties are becoming more popular with each passing month. In general people care more about the environment and are trying to make a difference. Most of my clients are simply concerned with paying more attention to the impact their choices will leave and making small changes. Other clients strive for 100% green events.

A few simple ways to make your wedding or event greener -

Choose Green Invitations.
I work with a wonderful new boutique invitation company - Copper Willow in Culver City Their custom letterpressed invitations and hand selected paper is gorgeous and eco friendly and their ink is vegetable oil based.

Purchase a "Green" Wedding Gown.
Hanna Hartnell in Sata Monica - designs all of her gowns at her lovely boutique. The gowns are made with 100% sustainable materials. Many styles are reversible and can be shortened and worn again. She donates her scraps to children's art centers and design schools. The actual building is certified green as well.

Select Your Menu Carefully.
Choose a menu based on local, sustainable food that's in season. An added bonus is that it's typically fresher, better tasting and healthier. .

Serve Organic Wine.
Wallys - - offers many types of organic wine. They will deliver to your event and even take back unopened bottles.

Don't Waste Paper.
Give your guests linen cocktail napkins instead of paper. They feel so much better than paper and you will be reminded of your special evening every time you use them. Instead of paper seating cards choose a natural alternative such as hand painted river rocks or sand dollars.

Donate Your Flowers and Your Food.
Don't throw your gorgeous flowers away. You can make people very happy by donating them to a home for the aging or hospital. Let your florist know in advance that you will be donating your flowers.
The Los Angeles Regional Foodbank - - has an amazing program called "Extra Helpings". They pair donors with deserving charities and will often come pick up your food if you arrange it in advance.


  1. What wonderful ideas, suggestions, and places to try...Thank you

  2. By the way, I'm starting a new blog about green ways of living, healthful eating, mindful being...It's just starting, but if you get a chance, take a peek! :)