Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gracious Guests

I have been planning parties and weddings for sixteen years so you would think that not too many things guests do would surprise me. Yet it's always a bit shocking the way some guests behave. Sometimes I think good manners are a thing of the past. As my grandmother always told me "Give everyone the same respect - from your waiter to the CEO". If you follow these simple, common sense rules chances are your social calendar will be full.

How To Be a Gracious Guest

RSVP in a timely manner. If you are not sure whether you will be available or in town call your host and explain the conflict.

Let your host know of any serious dietary restrictions at least two weeks in advance - not on the morning of the party.

Arrive promptly - especially to a dinner party or an invitation that specifies "sharp".

Never show up with uninvited guests.

Don't drink so much that you will be embarrassed the next day.

Try to be sociable and meet new people. Never tell embarrassing stories about your host. Try to avoid controversial subjects.

Unless you are seriously allergic to something - eat it.

If the party is a casual affair, offer to help but never insist.

Do not complain that it's too hot or too cold or the food is too salty... however if your host is a close friend and the problem can be remedied then by all means mention it.

Say goodbye to your host before you depart - even if you depart early.

Send flowers and a hand written thank you note the day after the party.

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