Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Copper Willow - An Inviting Paper Studio

Copper Willow in Culver City is a wonderful boutique that believes in the art of the written word.

The inviting entrance at Copper Willow

A few of their custom letter pressed cards. Just be careful the gift inside is as nice as the card!

Their letter press produces stunning invitations. These fine machines are no longer produced anyplace in the world.

If you are like me and you still appreciate fine paper then you must visit this charming
boutique in Culver City. Two young and quite talented women, Leora and Jill create wonderful invitations, cards, stationery and gifts. They work closely with clients to design impeccable products. All of their materials are environmentally friendly from their recycled and tree free paper to the vegetable dyes used in their work. In addition to turning your ideas into reality they have wonderful letter pressed greeting cards with original sayings that are a treat to send.
Pryor Events are big fans of Copper Willow.

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  1. Would love to see samples of their gorgeous work. :) We're big fans!