Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Butter End is busy baking for the Holidays

The Butter End Cakery in Santa Monica produces absolutely gorgeous and delicious cake and other sweet delicacies.

The Butter End's enchanting holiday dessert display. From French macarons to handmade caramel corn to pear galette and farmer's market apple pie...
These delectable treats and so much more are available to order for the holidays.
You can even take in your favorite baking dish and Kimberly will bake a perfect apple pie to pick up.

Aren't these little elves adorable! The fact that they are chocolate, bourbon and coconut means they will taste as amazing as they look.

Kimberly Bailey calls herself the owner, baker, artist and dishwasher at her cake boutique - The Butter End. I call her incredible. You will find Kimberly baking to her heart's content at her boutique cakery - tucked in an alley off of Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica. As soon as you enter you realize you are in for a wonderful experience. Kimberly truly listens to her customer's needs and desires. She enjoys being creative and she is always up for a challenge. In addition to using rolled chocolate instead of the standard fondant, Kimberly uses only the purest and most natural ingredients. You can taste the difference in every heavenly bite! Pryor Events are fans of The Butter End. View their site at or give Kimberly a call at (310) 943-9241

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