Thursday, June 21, 2012

Small in Size - Big in Flavor

Serving four types of salad - a delicious way to begin a meal

I am not  often a fan of trends. I  find that true classics that have stood the test of time are classics for a good reason.  One exception to that is the current popularity of "small plates". Since I often make a dinner out of several appetizers , this style of eating is a treat for me. I can get bored with one big steak but this way I can eat the steak as well as the chicken, the fish and the sides...
Guests at a dinner party, corporate event or wedding typically enjoy dining this way as well.
I have been offering tasting menus and small plates to my clients for years for this reason.
It is great to see that so many restaurants are now offering this style of dining. Of course, each course has to taste amazing and look appetizing.
You can serve three similar dishes for the same course such as three types of salad, three types of pasta etc or simply bring out a continuous assortment of a wide variety of tastes. Either way - your guests will thank you.
Not planning a party? Try The Chef's Spontanee Tasting at Hatfield's on Melrose. It is a meal you will not forget. Each course is delectable.

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