Friday, July 6, 2012

Plan Check West L A

Plan Check in West L A is the kind of restaurant every neighborhood needs.
The food is consistently excellent, the menu is interesting, prices are fair and they are open late. It is the kind of restaurant you can frequent often and never get tired of.
Plan Check is on Sawtelle Boulevard, just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. This strip has long been known for its large selection of Asian restaurants. There has been a need for this type of dining and I am happy to say Plan Check has arrived.
The restaurant's name is a nod to  the adjacent Building and Safety Department. This is where architects, developers and designers go to get their plans approved.
From the house made pickles to the delectable donuts for dessert  and everything in between - each dish is unique and wonderful.
The dishes are simple but often have a tasty surprise. For instance the stuffed mushrooms incorporate kale and steak sauce in addition to the cheese. While many restaurants try too hard to change basic food, the difference here is that it actually works.
The sinfully delicious baked crab dip is supreme comfort food. Recently a local studio requested 250 of this dish for an impromptu party.
If you enjoy meat, you must try the short rib pot roast. I can almost promise that your mother's pot roast didn't come close.
The fried chicken is very popular as well as the double smoked pastrami.
Their burgers are fantastic. Even the turkey burgers are flavorful and interesting. The burgers include ingredients such as fried egg and pig candy. They may sound odd but they taste great. If you are not feeling adventurous, they also have more basic burgers on the menu. Make sure to order a side of the sweet potato waffle fries. On a lighter note -  the butter lettuce salad with egg, almonds and apples is excellent as well as the beet and goat cheese salad. This will leave more room for the cooked to order fluffy donuts. Enjoy!
Pryor Events are fans of Plan Check.

A few fun specials at Plan Check

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