Sunday, February 3, 2013

M Street Kitchen - Santa Monica

Delicious Dining in Santa Monica
Santa Monica has no shortage of restaurants. However, I often find myself looking for a place with the following criteria and not too many restaurants meet these specifics:
A. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner -  without closing in between meals
B. A menu consisting of fresh and delicious simple food
C. Casual and fun
D. Outdoor seating
A difficult decision
M Street Kitchen on Main Street in Santa Monica meets all of my criteria. Quite simply, everything on the menu is delicious. The food is fresh and tastes as if it has been selected by hand, but at the same time it's unpretentious and basic. From their almond crunch granola with Greek yogurt to the spinach and cheddar omelette at breakfast to the organic tomato gazpacho and griddle burger at lunch to the country fried chicken with fluffy biscuits at dinner - it is all wonderful. It is the kind of food you could eat nearly every  night  and not get tired of. 
Ohh - and did I mention their bakery? All I can say is - leave room for dessert! Pryor Events are big fans of M Street Kitchen.

                                         The freshly baked cookies have the perfect consistency

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