Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Top Five

When we begin working with new clients at 
Pryor Events we always ask for their priorities - the specific elements of their event that are most important to them.

The following are the top five items that come up most often - in no particular order. We could not agree more!

1. Lighting


Most of our clients tell us they love candlelight. In reality, the glow that is perceived as candlelight is most often from professional lighting. You can have the most gorgeous flowers in the land but without great lighting they will look flat and not show up. Lighting simply makes a huge difference in indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. Photography                 

At the end of the day you are left with your memories and your pictures. It is important to hire a photographer who takes great photos and is also easy to work with. You should like not only their photos but your photographer's personality as well. We refer photographers who do not pose our clients. Hire the best photographer that you possibly can.

3. Food   

Food is important. It does not need to be fancy or complicated but it needs to be fresh, seasoned perfectly and delicious. Even if you are having a barbecue with friends and serving burgers - make sure they are the very best burgers. Always offer vegetarian options. It is considerate to ask guests who are attending smaller parties if they have any food allergies. You would not want to invite someone who is allergic to shellfish to a Clambake!


4. Ambiance               

The feel of the room when guests enter will set the mood for the entire evening. Be creative - have fun with it and most of all let it reflect your own personality and style. It is not about how much you spend or trying to cover every inch of a room. Sometimes less is more.

5. Music

Whether you hire a live band or a dj, give them a must play list as well as a do not play list.  Begin compiling your list as soon as you start to plan your party. Guests typically have a better time if their evening includes dancing. If you would like guests to dance, make sure you include songs that encourage dancing. As the host or hostess, if you get out on the dance floor your guests will follow.

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