Friday, June 21, 2013

Flores on Sawtelle

New restaurants seem to open up almost daily in L A. 
Some are decent and many are mediocre.
We had a pleasant surprise when we tried a new one that we really liked - Flores on Sawtelle Blvd. in west L.A. Flores has taken over the Sawtelle Kitchen spot. They have done an amazing job with the remodel which features rustic wood and great surfaces.

Flores is a great space - both inside and out.

The private patio at Flores.

Flores has only been open a week but  we didn't experience any of the typical kinks many new restaurants suffer through. The staff was very welcoming and helpful with the menu. We ordered several menu items and shared them. We went heavy on seafood. There is also salad, roast chicken, steak, charcuterie and  Spanish meat balls on the menu.

Housemade pickles served in a glass jar -
These were actually pickled mini vegetables. They had a  nice vinegar taste.

Cheese Plate - three types of delicious cheese was presented with great bread and a dollop of honey.

Grilled Prawns -
Whole shrimp in the shell with salty-spicy seasoning on top.

Mussels -
Fragrant and delicious. The light curry broth was perfect for dipping the crispy bread.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich -
Our favorite! Succulent fresh crab with avocado and green tomatoes on just baked bread.

Pryor Events are fans of Flores!

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