Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harry's Berries Farm Dinner

If you frequent Farmers Markets in Southern California, chances are you have enjoyed the sweet, juicy goodness of Harry's Berries
Their strawberries taste as if they have been injected with sugar.
All of their products are delivered to local farmers markets within a day of being picked so they are fresh and delicious.
I recently had the pleasure of attending  Dinner on  Harry's Berries Farm in Oxnard.
The dinner consisted of Harry's Berries products such as their green beans, several varieties of their tomatoes, fresh salads, squash quesadillas - even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with their homemade strawberry jam. Of course there were also huge bowls of different varieties of their prized berries.
Dinner was topped off by delicious Dandy Don's Strawberry Ice Cream and sorbet made from Harry's Berries and fresh strawberry pie
Harry's colorful, delectable Strawberries.
Pryor Events are definitely fans of Harry's Berries.
A view of Harry's Berries Farm as night falls over Oxnard.

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