Friday, August 23, 2013

Flores on Sawtelle

I have enjoyed lunch as well as several dinners at this welcome newcomer to the mostly Asian stretch of Sawtelle Boulevard  known as West L A's Restaurant Row. Flores is pleasant and inviting, the staff is attentive  and friendly and everything is delicious. Angela Hernandez and Rob Lawson know their way around a kitchen. I have enjoyed mussels, charcuterie, deviled eggs, pulled pork, meatballs and macaroni and cheese. Everything has been absolutely delicious. One of my favorite dishes has also been the most simple - a  Strawberry Ice cream Sandwich. Think strawberry ice cream made in house, sandwiched between two fluffy vanilla bean  macarons. You can actually taste the ripe strawberries in the ice cream. All of the flavors go together quite nicely and the dish has just the perfect amount of sweetness. Looking forward to trying many more dishes at this wonderful new restaurant.
Pryor Events are fans of Flores. 
The perfect dessert for summer - the strawberry ice cream sandwich at Flores

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