Saturday, March 31, 2012

Magnolia Bakery on the West Coast

A small sampling of the delectable baked goods at Magnolia Bakery
The inviting and charming Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery - a legend in New York is now open on Third Street in West Hollywood!
While there are many bakeries in L A. - what sets Magnolia apart is the fact that everything is baked fresh throughout the day. They use only the finest ingredients and bake in small batches.
Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding is legendary. Their fresh pies and cakes are packed with wonderful ingredients such as dried cranberries, rhubarb, Dutch cocoa, and caramel meringue. Their delectable cookies include chocolate chunk, peanut butter, iced molasses and coconut macaroon.
Magnolia's cupcakes are one of their most popular items. A few of their unique cupcake flavors are Hummingbird with banana, pineapple, pecan cake and cream cheese frosting and
Snickerdoodle with cinnamon cake and meringue icing. Most of the items are not too sweet which is a nice change. The shop feels as if you have entered another era. It is very inviting and nostalgic. The staff is great as well. Let's hope they open on the Westside soon... are fans of Magnolia Bakery.

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