Monday, March 26, 2012

Pressed Juicery - Healthy AND Delicious

The helpful team at Pressed Juicery in Brentwood - Paris and T J
A sampling of the juicery's delicious and nutritious drinks.
The three cleanses that are available
It is such a pleasant surprise to find something that's delicious as well as healthy.
The juice at Pressed Juicery is made on a hydraulic press which extracts the healthiest and most pure part of the fruit and vegetables. The process minimizes
oxidation and releases vitamins, minerals and enzymes into the juice. This is impossible to yield from a regular juicer.
I recently discovered their tiny space (just twenty one square feet) adjacent to the Brentwood Country Mart. They also have locations in Malibu and West Hollywood.
Their three and five day cleanses are quite popular. Given the fact that the juce is so wonderful this seems like an easy way to rid your body of toxins.
I have since bought "Greens 1" which contains kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber & celery, "Greens 2" which is the same as greens 1 + the addition of apple juice and lemon, "Roots 1" which has beets and carrots added, "Alkalizer" which is a spicy and refreshing blend of apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne and "Detox 3" which is simply fresh grapefruit juice and mint.
Every single sip has been incredible.
The juice is not pasteurized so it is not advised for pregnant women or young children. I love that Pressed Juicery donates part of their proceeds to a different charity each week. are big fans of Pressed Juicery.

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  1. a good friend of mine works for corporate! love !!! Ginger Pear is my Fav! mmmmm